This was a University project based around Mental Health when experiencing lonliness. This was all ficticious therefore it was a concept for advertising mental health issues that the public were not aware of, therefore drawing attention to loneliness as a mental health issues while also allowing people a place to turn to to help.

Moodboard of Feelings in Visual Form for Loneliness

This video was a combination of Jay Shetty's talk on Loneliness, combined with footage from mental health advertisements and scenes from music videos which also helped demonstrate the narration.
Original Narration video:
Tove Lo 'Habits':
Beyonce 'Runnin':
Alessia Cara 'Here':
Below are concepts of a leaflet/poster design where the user would interact with the design by moving a pre-placed light (that was underneath the design) to then reveal a quote from a person suffering from loneliness. This piece would ironically also reflect the feelings of people with this mental health issues, where underneath the surface of the casual looking face, they were dealing with something they were unable to verbally communicate.
The concept below is also interactive, whereby the user would tear off a square of the poster and turn it over to reveal a quote also. This concept would also show the face to slowly disappear as each piece is torn, therefore reflecting the feelings of someone who was lonely.
Below are Billboard concepts that would demonstrate feelings of what a person suffers while also offering a way people can gain help via this website (ficticious).
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